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About Us

Since 1987, we have been a locally owned and operated family company focused on providing professional services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the most exceptional cleaning service possible and guarantee complete customer satisfaction on every job. 

What makes us special?

Best quality & service


You can have a healthy environment and beautiful floors at the same time. Our trained technicians and powerful equipment will clean your floors and upholstery for maximum removal of soil and contaminants. Your home will be beautiful and you will breathe easier.


Since 1987, we have been the local leaders in carpet, upholstery, oriental rug, and tile & grout cleaning. At ProMaster, we take pride in and guarantee our work 100%.

What we use

Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We utilize a technologically advanced formula that leaves carpets cleaner, softer and drier, for a difference you can see and feel!


Controlled Moisture Cleaning Dries in Hours, NOT in Days.

Clean and Dry carpets... 
ONLY thing ProMaster 
leaves behind.




With just one cleaning, Our Free Rinsing agent removes pre-existing detergents and soap residue lurking in your carpet fibers.

Soap residue from other cleaning products attracts dirt like a magnet, causing old spots to reappear.

Free Rinsing means that it contains no soap, therefore no residue and NO Reappearing Spots!



Our Story & Founder

Larry Roberson, A New Orleans native!

Successful entrepreneur and family man.

Larry humbly started in the mid 1980's out of the bed of his pickup truck, with his wife Barbara, cleaning homes & businesses throughout The Greater New Orleans Area.

After a few years, they realized the true potential of a career in the cleaning industry and became official business owners in 1987 when they founded "Roberson's Christian Cleaning Services" now known as

"ProMaster Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning"

From 1987 to present day, business has sky rocketed and they have never looked back since!

To this day Larry & Barbara are still masterminds in the business, mentoring their three sons, Simon, Philip, & Andrew, who have worked in the family business since childhood and know all of the ins & outs of the industry and have since taken the reigns of the company, each with their own establishment.


Simon & wife Andrea - "ProMaster Cleaning" located in Vienna, Austria.

Philip - "Dry-it! Water Mitigation Specialists" located in Slidell, Louisiana

Andrew - "ProMaster Carpet Cleaning" located in The Greater New Orleans Area


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